Luxurious Spa at Home with Tokuyo Massage Chairs

One can only find inner peace when they are fully relaxed, mentally and physically; and this is only possible with a massage chair. A massage chair will be able to make you feel relaxed and refreshed after a hard day’s work. With the airbags present in the massage chair along with the silicon wheels which produces a variety of massage techniques will help you treat your sore muscles and other stiff joints problem.

Why should you purchase a massage chair?

A massage chair has become one of the most essential products for human beings in the past 5 years. Since the work stress is increasing every day and a person spends most of his or her time on a chair and it might result in spondylitis, back pain, arthritis and other muscle stiffness issues. Spending even 20–30 minutes on a massage chair will help you ease the level of pain and will reduce the inflammation in the body.

The airbags in the full body massage chairs help in increasing the blood flow in the body by massaging the muscles in a combination of physical therapy. This will make you feel relaxed within few minutes and if you have any sort of internal pain, massaging daily with the massage chair will help you reduce the frequency of the problem and will help you get rid of it completely. The tension and stiff in the body occur due to lack of minimum body movement required and owing to stress.

Stress at work can be really harsh on our day to day lives as it changes our personality and behaviour. Once a happy go lucky person’s behaviour can change due to stress and might behave aggressively towards his or her colleagues and family members. He or she might also suffer from other internal issues too, and they can avoid this by reaching out for physical therapy.

Going to Physical Therapists and reaching out to a spa can cost you a lot and you can’t visit them regularly, instead, you can invest your money on the best full body massage chairs in India which will provide you similar massage at home. Similar to the services provided by a luxury spa, a full body massage provides you with a head to toe massage at home. From kids to senior citizens everyone can benefit from this product even after a long day and you won’t have to worry about what kind of massage to opt for.

What to consider before choosing the best full body massage chairs in India?

There are many things or factors which should be considered before choosing a massage chair in India or a full body massage chairs online. Some are as follows:

Know your budget:

It is very important to know how much budget you have to buy a full body massage chair. A full body massage chairs price will vary according to the features and model chosen by you. If you have a strict budget then search a full body massage chair according to your price range, if you have a flexible budget, search the massage chair according to the features provided by the brand.


There are many types of massaging techniques available in a massage chair, like kneading, knocking, Shiatsu, flapping, tapping and a few others. Each massaging technique is used for treating a particular problem and not all features are present in the most basic model. Kneading and tapping are the massaging technique which is commonly found in a massage chair. Whereas the Shiatsu massage technique helps in treating our problems by massaging the pressure points and is present in the best full body massage chairs in India. You need to check what features you require according to the problems you face every day.


There are massage chairs which come with an option to customize the massaging technique along with the time of the customized program. These massage chairs also save the customized program for further use in the future.


Each brand is known for its own USP, with new technology like 4D massage technique and Zero gravity position check what extra does the brand provide you with. You can also check other full body massage chairs online along with their USP and features as it will help you choose the best compatible product.

Other services:

Factors like the durability of the product and repair or service option should not be an issue for you. You should check what kind of repair service is the brand offering you and what are the previous customer’s review about the durability of the product. Warranty is also one of the most important factors to be considered as it will help you gain trust to purchase and invest your money on the massage chair.

Who we are and what we bring to the table?

With the philosophy of ‘providing the best quality of product to our customer’, we at Tokuyo have provided the best full body massage chairs across the globe and are the Number 1 massage chair sellers in Taiwan. Our chairs will bring you back your happiness. They are made with the state of the art technology and sleek design to appeal your eyes along with great features like Bluetooth connectivity, zero gravity position, AVS technology and the best authentic massage experience. We design the massage chairs based on the customer’s requirement and other information derived by our R&D department. This helps us in producing the consumer’s product as per the requirement of the consumer.

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