Warranty problem

Tokuyo India makes sure, You are served with the best, Please find the below warranty timeline:
1. Massage chair full machine warranty is for one year

2. Small product like recliner warranty for is for one year

(No longer extended warranty)

※ Please read the contents of the warranty, or please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820], there will be a commissioner to serve you.

It can be available on the store or for online purchaser it can be based on the voucher or delivery note.

It will be based on the voucher or delivery note.

Please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820] or [mail: yogeshshukla@sparrowelectronics.in] There will be a specialist to serve you.

Repair and maintenance use

For Small Commodity repairs 

1. Please check the province’s tokuyo business base, we will deal with you as soon as possible.

2. Or please send the following information together with the product, “Personal Information “:

( Sparrow Electronics 14/3, 3rd Floor, Industrial Area, New Delhi)

* If the warranty period is exceeded: the self-delivery of the freight will be borne by yourself, and the shipping cost will be paid by the company after the repair is completed.

For Large commodity repair:

Massage chairs, exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical slide machines, etc. … goods, please fill out the official website repair order, we will send staff to the government maintenance service as soon as possible.

Or please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820] or [mail: yogeshshukla@sparrowelectronics.in] for repair, there will be a commissioner to serve you.

Please find the below as per circumstances
1. Under normal circumstances, non-human improper operation and damage, and within the warranty, We provide one year free warranty service with NO replacement service, please show the warranty card or relevant documents when the maintenance service will be given.

2. If the consumables of the machine are found to be worn out during the maintenance process, the parts will be quoted separately and not included in the maintenance fee.

3. The above-mentioned services for parts replacement are charged according to the company’s service parts repair price list.

※Because of different types of machines and models, maintenance contents and costs, please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820] or [mail: yogeshshukla@sparrowelectronics.in], there will be a maintenance specialist to serve you.

Following are some circumstances:

1. Attendance fee: No matter whether it is during the warranty period or not, each Taiwanese bank should be charged: NT$100.

2. Maintenance fee: Maintenance is subject to different models of the machine.

3. Parts fee: If the machine consumables are found to be worn out during the maintenance process, the parts will be quoted separately. If the parts need to be replaced, the service price list will be charged according to the company’s service parts repair price list, and will not be included in the maintenance fee.

※The above maintenance service is subject to different product types and models. For content and cost, please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820], and a specialist will serve you.

Please read the instructions of different types of products in detail to avoid the danger of improper use.

1. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze or bundle the wires or data wires to avoid short circuit of the insulated wires and danger.

2. Do not rinse the product with water.

3. Do not spray paint, insecticide, volatile oil, etc. on the product to avoid danger.

4. The product is forbidden to be placed in outdoor high temperature, high humidity environment, or exposed to sunlight for a long time.

5. Please check if the product is kept clean before use.

6. Prohibition of disassembly, modification, installation, etc.

7. Children, the elderly or those with reduced mobility are prohibited from using it alone.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use pregnant women and children under development (under 16 years old)

9. If you have a special disease, please consult your doctor before using.

10. Do not use within one hour after a meal.

11. After using the product, remember to add water, just like adding water after exercise, it can maintain health and promote body metabolism.

※ Emergency treatment method:

When there is an abnormal phenomenon, please turn off the power switch quickly, unplug the power cord, and immediately notify the company [Tel: +91-9599960820], do not dismantle it yourself to avoid sending Dangerous.

Following are some instructions for you :
1. For Appearance leather cleaning: Please use a clean soft cloth, gently wipe with a neutral detergent (or water), and then wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Massage chair is recommended to be maintained once a year. For maintenance content, please contact [Tel: +91-9599960820].

3. The machine is recommended to be used continuously for 2 hours and must be rested for 30 minutes.

※ For other precautions, please read the product [Safety Precautions].


Customer service hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00; 13:00-18:00 (National holiday breaks)

Customer Service Hotline: [Tel: +91-9599960820

Name: Yogesh Shukla

E-mail: yogeshshukla@sparrowelectronics.in

Address: Sparrow Electronics 14/3, 3rd Floor, Industrial Area, New Delhi

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